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     I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by these cleaners.
Dwayne H.16/04/2024
     From start to finish, these two cleaners were exceptional - they worked efficiently, showed great respect towards my space, and communicated clearly every step of the way. I will definitely be hiring them again and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Vivienne W.30/03/2024
     Trust is key when hiring a cleaning company, and I have complete faith in the abilities of Lamorbey Carpet Cleaning Services's reliable cleaners.
     Quick, trustworthy, and reliable service from these highly recommended carpet cleaners. Great job all around.
Bill S.01/03/2024
     Two properties benefited greatly from the impeccable deep cleanings provided by these friendly professionals, who also went out of their way to handle extra tasks without any issues.
Jenna F.11/02/2024
     The help provided by the cleaner made all the difference in my experience - so helpful and hands-on - I am looking forward to booking more of their excellent cleaning services.
     The house cleaning was extremely orderly, efficient and relaxed - it could not have gone any better! The cleaners were fantastic.
Marlaina F.01/12/2023
     A marvellous cleaner, who had it all completed efficiently and achieved truly remarkable results as well.
Oliver Y.03/11/2023
     Wonderful service! These individuals have become my go-to choice for deep cleans; they never fail to leave my entire flat looking immaculate with every bathroom sparkling clean and each sheet changed over once again.
K. James26/07/2023
      Carpet Cleaning Lamorbey completed their home cleaning tasks quickly and professionally. It was all for a great price too. I loved everything that transpired between myself and this company.
William G19/05/2020
     I don't know any other cleaning services that do this well every time. I'm consistently impressed by their work every time I hire them. Keep up the good work!
DeJong Frandersen20/09/2019
     As always, the last time I hired Lamorbey Carpet Cleaning Company they were fantastic. They always are, their house cleaning crew are always amazing, and because the price of their services are affordable too, I'm able to hire them pretty regularly to do my cleaning chores.
Liz N.22/08/2017
     Had a very nasty ketchup and mustard stain on the sofa and had no way of taking care of it. Hired Carpet Cleaning Lamorbey to help me and the maid delivered a great upholstery cleaning service in no time. Thanks for the fair price!
Colin C.07/12/2016
     There's no better feeling than having a perfectly clean home. It's something I always strive for, even though I'm useless at housework. The cleanliness of my home is all thanks to LamorbeyCarpetCleaners! I hired them once on a whim, thinking to myself it won't make much of a difference, and I've never been happier to be proved wrong! Their cleaners are friendly, dependable and a pleasure to deal with. Never again will I have to hesitate when inviting my friends over. I will definitely be hiring again next week, and probably again the week after. Thank you for giving me the home I've always wanted!
Leon L.21/08/2014
     It's been a while now since I've been taking advantage of a cleaning service but I don't think I've ever go back to how it was before. The help that's been offered up was, for a while, decent enough, but then I came across LamorbeyCarpetCleaners and I began to notice the massive difference that the right company is able to make. The house has never been cleaner and I've just got so much more time to focus on the little things in my life rather than having to worry about all of the cleaning which has to be done. Fantastic.
Janet Watson04/06/2014
     Cleaning companies come and go, but I feel like I have found one who will be with me forever! LamorbeyCarpetCleaners have been cleaning our place twice a week for the last six weeks, and I am extremely happy with how well they are doing so far! They love the kids, and are fine with our four dogs as well! It is a pleasure to have them round, and their work really is excellent, especially given how cheap they are! We'll be using them for a long time yet, and I hope that others do so as well!
Angel Gibbs29/04/2014
     In some cases, I think that the cleaning team that get to work once my office is closed are even more important to the company's success than half of the employees! I use LamorbeyCarpetCleaners and they do an amazing job, getting the place looking incredible in the hours after the workforce have gone home, and ensuring that everything is ship shape for the next working day. This work behind the scenes ensures that the company is always presentable and nice to work in, which is exactly how it should be. I'd recommend this cleaning company very highly.
Bobby James07/01/2014